Company Culture
Customer First: Focusing on the customer's business, based on the actual business needs of the customer, starting from the customer's interests;
Respect for the individual: As a staff of SIMAR, regardless of the level of the position and the division of labor, they will be treated with full respect and equality;
Encourage innovation: Provide a challenging career development space, encourage every to work creatively, and give full play to the maximum value of the individual to create the best work results.

Professional lighting factory and  license  engineer design
STUDIO Many years lighting expericences for studio lighting system
Excellent quality products
for your need
Professional Teleprompter
Different size,many control-ways
Portable Teleprompter
10 inch ,wireless remot controller
LED Panel light
For camera video photographic
LED fresnel spotlight
Studio Light
Mini Bee Light
Company Introduction
The high investment in product research and development, we have the corresponding creativity and rich experience, which will be your good solution to solve problems and problems. Advanced and professional technical support:The in-depth training  and  discussion on the latest technology enable us to guarantee you the most professional application and the most professional service.
Teamwork: In the work, SIMAR emphasizes mutual respect, understanding and effective communication, thus creating the working effect of “1 + 1>2” in an atmosphere of equality and harmony
Wholesale and manufacturer
SIMAR is a professtional larger-scale manufactuer in the teleprompter ,studio lighting ,stage lighting ,camera battery ,cool light ,spotlight ,dimmer console.... etc
CONTACT ADDRESS 1/F ,Blg No12 Longbi Industry Zone, 27 Dafa Rd ,Longgang District ,Shenzhen,China
CONTACT PHONE +86-15238007191