lamp maintenance

Issuing time:2018-11-20 00:00

nstallation of LED light and fluorescent cool Light :

● Install the suspension screws of the light onto thelight bow and then install the mousing-nail to prevent accidents.

● Butt joint the lamp’s suspension screws with the hinge or pulley, fasten with M4 screws and fasten the screw.

● Access the signal lines in the lamp in a series system, the signal output of each lamp is the signal input of the next lamp. Every ten lamps are a group and when the lamps exceed ten, a signal amplifier should be added.

● Access lamps in order.


● Check whether wiring connections are correct.

● Power on for lamps alone and see whether there is any abnormal phenomenon.

● Adjust the dimming rotary knob and see whether there is any abnormal phenomenon.

● Adjust the lamp positions, access the console (rotate the dimming rotary knob to zero) and adjust the brightness.

Lamp Maintenance:

● Keep the lamp surface clean and wipe the lamp with a dry cloth. Dust will impede lamp’s heat dissipation and thus reduce the lamp’s service life.

● Check the connection of various cables regularly and see whether the connection and insertion parts are loose, which may cause sparks stroke on the lamp or unstable signals, so the lamp cannot work stably.

● Check the joint parts of the machinery regularly and prevent accidental loss, so as to avoid personnel injuries and financial loss.

● When the lamp is not used, turn off the power to extend the lamp life.

● All the lamp beads of the lamps are handpicked, it is difficult to replace lamp beads with the same parameters, therefore, please avoid lamp collision, especially collision to the lamp beads.

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