LED move beam light  problems to slove

Issuing time:2018-11-20 00:00

The light beam has a small angle of light and is more concentrated. So it can produce a rich stage shape. Another is that the lamps are small, the scanning speed is

faster, and the stage is more active.  The beam lamp is a kind of more sophisticated equipment. It integrates electronics, machinery and optics, and has high requirements for environment, transportation

and use, so its failure rate is also high. Here, combined with the phenomenon of failure, an analysis of the possible causes is made for reference by relevant personnel.

The beam light and our traditional computer lights are still structurally different.  The first is the bulb circuit: the previous traditional computer lights are bright bulb lines using magnetic ballasts + triggers. Beam lights generally use electronic ballasts

(aka lighters), no need to be equipped with triggers. One more PFC (AC220V to DC380V) because the input of the ballast is DC 380V.  The second is the control part: the beam lamp is basically a transformer power supply transformer, which communicates with the traditional inductor transformer. Since

the switching power supply is used, the stability of the control circuit of the latter stage is greatly enhanced. Due to the technical difficulty of the switching power supply,

the failure rate will be higher than that of the inductor transformer. Because the switching power supply is used, the beam lamp is not affected by the change of the

external voltage, and can be input at full voltage (110V-240V).  The problem caused by the unstable voltage does not exist.For some common faults, the analysis is as follows:No response at boot 1. Is the power supply normal, and the power cord of the lamp is off? 2. Whether the fuse of the lamp is burnt out; 3. Whether the switching power supply of the lamp has an output voltage. Boot is not bright 1. First judge whether the bulb is good or bad, check if the bulb's bubble contact is blown, and if the bulb itself is broken. 2. Determine whether the lamp's bubble voltage is normal when the lamp is in the state of bubble, and the normal condition is generally 10 to 12 volts. 3. If the above two points are correct, measure whether the PFC output (the input end of the lighter) has an AC voltage output of about 380V. If there is an output,

it indicates that the PFC is good, so that it can directly determine whether there is a problem with the lighter.

4. After the performance, use the console to extinguish the bubble, the lamp does not cut off the power supply, let it continue to work for a period of time

(let the fan inside the lamp continue to work to reduce the temperature inside the lamp)

5. After the performance of the liquidity, it should be installed in the special air box to prevent moisture and shock. The fixed installation of the beam lamp should

pay attention to anti-ash and anti-shock.

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