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19 inch portable teleprompter
Spec: 19inch
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Model: M-BX19

Teleprompter General description:

  • support winxp /win7/win10 system .

  • The software is available in 256 colors. The male and female broadcasters can choose different background colors ans to facilitate the male and female broadcasters to choose their own broadcast words. The font and size can be set arbitrarily. A variety of roles can be selected to distinguish the male or female characters.

  • easy to editdocumens, easy to operate, automatically complete typesetting, support txt, rtf, word, ppt and other format files.

  • The monitor and high-resolution color display are used respectively, with high definition and clear writing. It is suitable for recording of various TV studios, school studios, stages, etc., and live programs are required.

  • The exclusive development of mirroring function LCD screen, support VGA, HDMI, AV video signal input, so that the text pictures seen by the guide and the broadcaster are positive image display, support the computer to open any file format.

  • Paragraph format, indentation, and line spacing can all be set. Dates are inserted at any time.

  • The software supports English, Chinese,  Arabic ,French  ... etc  languages.

  • The system automatically records the speech, automatically finds and opens the performance draft when power is applied after an abnormal power outage, ensuring the integrity of the broadcast.

  • Regrards scrolling time, the local time can be displayed on the same screen, arbitrarily set the size of the color, it is easier to put my rhythm, the key statement can be marked by color.

  • The scrolling speed can be adjusted, and the scrolling speed can also be adjusted by the controller.

  • No interruption, no flashing

  • The control method is flexible . the keyboard, mouse, pedal, and wireless remote control can be used.

  • The subtitle speed can be adjusted freely, and the page turning is convenient.

  • Professional multi-layer optical glass, the thickness is only: 2mm. The light transmittance is over 97%, and the reflection degree is up to 50%.

  • Color LCD panel Mirror display, high definition, size 19/20/22/24 inch.

  • The teleprompter and camera are combined into one and switch to each other to adapt to the broadcast of emergency news.

  • Self-checking screen, the broadcaster can view his image at any time.

Lightweight and easy to install operation . Sliding center of gravity   adjustment for  balance the teleprompter.

QQ截图20181213203827.png19inch  Portable teleprompter

  Model no:M-BXS19

 1. This teleprompter  is a portable lower price  popular model in      the market .

  2.  Equipped with a portable  tripod  .

  3.Unique custom19-Inch mirror display ,use PPT ,WORD ,WEBP AGES and other computer-supported formats as prompt content.

  4.Support VGA, HDMI, AV video direct input,

  5.The control mode supports wireless remote control and wireless    mouse and keyboard, laser pointer

6.The computer operation interface and the word-telling prompt screen are both positive image display.

7.Ultra --thin 2mm German imported spectroscope, accurate splitting ratio, clear and unbiased text, no impact on camera shooting, making the host's reading easy and enjoyable.

Packing list :


  •    tripod

    Teleprompter bracket

    19 inch LCD Display

     VGA or HDMI cable

    Camera bracket

    imported mirror

    power plug wire


      teleprompter cap  software19  inch self-checking LCD display

    wireless remoter 

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