40W LED panel light

Spec 40W
Material Metal
Color Black
Model M-40WP


Power :40w

Power supply: AC90-240V 50/60Hz


Illumination: 4800Lux

Color temprature: 3200K warm light   

                       5600K Cool light

                    3200k&5600K bi-color

Battery:NP-F Series




QQ截图20181206172053.jpg1.GP can adjust light in ABC group . if all three lights will be in the A group , if you adjust one of 3 lights brightness ,then all 3 lights will be change at the same time .

2.   it is dimmer for brightness . it can adjust 25 50 75 100 in one key   . this will be more easy and fast without dimmer knob .

3.press this key ,then press the GP key , you can choose any light of   three , the main light   without dimmer change ,you can control others lights brightness .

4 .there are 1-48 channles .if A light in no 1 channel .B light in No2 channel . if set up like this way , you can control these 2 lights . if these 2 lights in 1 channels . they can be controlled .

5.press left is for AC power . right is for battery .   middle is switch .




all the light body is metal with heat-diffusion .

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