DMX512 48 channel Dimmer console

Spec 48 channel
Material Aluminium Alloy
Color Black
Model M-2448


The dimmer console is a universal intelligent lighting controller. lt allows the control of 48channels with 96 scene/chase playback faders Each scene/chase can contain up to 1000 individualsteps, or looks. On the surface, when in the CHASE SCENE mode, there are 12 physical fadersfo the playback of the saved programs. There are 4 pages of scenes playback on page A. and anadditional 4 pages of playback faders on page B. programs can be triggered by music, midi,automatically or manually. Channel assignments can be reprogrammed for ease of controllingdifferent fixtures. On the surface you will find various programming tools tools such as 24channel faders.A/Bmaster faders for cross mixing. And Fade and Speed time faders for on the fiy adjustments. Andit also has an LED display for easy navigation of controls and menu functios.Features

*48-channel DMX512 dimming console

* 8 pages with 12 scenes each yields 96 total playback faders (simultaneous playback)

* 96,000 programmable steps

* 2 programmable aux buttons

* Adjustable chase and fade times

* Re-assignable channels Additional Features

* 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connections

* Built-in cross fader, dark and kill buttons

* MIDI in, out and thru (with file dump)

* Direct audio input* Sequential linking or simultaneous playback of chases

* Override chases on the fly

* Beat-activation, tap sync, auto run, midi in/out

* 6-space (6 U) rack mount

* Polarity selector USER MANUAL 3/18

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